Site Surveying

The use of drones in the surveying industry has been growing exponentially over the past years. With technological advances, drones have gotten more affordable and more accurate. With payload add-ons like LIDAR, RGB cameras, and multispectral
cameras, the surveyor now has tools that allow them to capture precise details like never before.


Land Surveyors 


A drone survey is a mapping of the surface providing a 3D map, boundary related photography, or photogrammetry and LIDAR topography. In addition to the surface mapping, the drones also capture features that can be mapped accurately like utility lines, building, road striping, curbs, sidewalks, and other man made feature that can be seen from the photography.

Our Approach

We take every job with the utmost care and pay attention to all the details, ensuring our final product is accomplished. Our pilots are well trained and take safety seriously, with a pre-flight checklist. You can trust us to get the job done from start to finish. 

There are four stages: 

1. Pre-flight and planning

2. Gathering the product

3. Creating the product in the office 

4. Giving you WHAT you asked for ?

Northsky Drone Services is here for your Site Surveying needs