Construction Progress Volume

Construction Site Drone photography is a great tool to manage the progression of the construction project, verify the accuracy of the construction, and verify that the project is on track and meeting the timeline.


Drone Pilots

Using a drone before, during and after construction takes place allows the construction company the ability to keep all stakeholders informed along the way. There is no need to have them come out to the site to see what is being done, if they get constant reports from their general manger. What better report than a photo showing exactly what is being done. Not to mention having them on site causes safety concerns.

With the visualization tools a drone can provide, it helps with detailed site inspections of the assets up close, that will help identify any concerns or issues that could be missed.

Our Approach

We take every job with the utmost care and pay attention to all the details, ensuring our final product is accomplished. Our pilots are well trained and take safety seriously, with a pre-flight checklist. You can trust us to get the job done from start to finish. 

There are four stages: 

1. Pre-flight and planning

2. Gathering the product

3. Creating the product in the office 

4. Giving you WHAT you asked for 🙂


Northsky Drone is here for your construction site drone surveying