Hard-to-reach areas such as under bridges, on top of cell phone towers, boilers, and wind turbines can be challenging to monitor or inspect. With the use of drones, these inspections just got easier. We can use our drones to capture issues that would potentially go unnoticed before.



The drone keeps the inspector from having to put themselves in dangerous situations. The videos and photos collection can be archived for comparison to past or future inspections. This allows the inspector to know how a potential problem is progressing and can predict potential issues, allowing the opportunity to fix these issues before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Our Approach

We take every job with the utmost care and pay attention to all the details, ensuring our final product is accomplished. Our pilots are well trained and take safety seriously, with a pre-flight checklist. You can trust us to get the job done from start to finish. 

There are four stages: 

1. Pre-flight and planning

2. Gathering the product

3. Creating the product in the office 

4. Giving you WHAT you asked for ?

Northsky Drone Services is here for your Drone Inspection needs