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 A modern solution to industrial inspections using drones equipped with the latest technology sensors provides a safe, fast, and cost-efficient analysis of problematic areas in enterprise infrastructure.

We take PRIDE in all our work, ensuring you get what you need from our drone service.

We are not your typical drone company. We have in-house Professional Land Surveyors ready to take your work to the next LEVEL.



We ensure the success of your upcoming drone project with the help of our licensed professional drone pilots. We offer a full list of complete drone services.

We are dedicated to improving safety, mitigating risk, staying up to date on laws, and reducing operating costs through staying up to date with technology. Partner with us and receive efficient services and authentic products at reasonable prices.

We use only the latest technology and cameras that are fit for any industry partner with us and receive efficient services and authentic products at reasonable costs.


Licensed Pilots

Aerial Photography

Our drones are more than capable of taking aerial photos from Real-Estate to group photos

Real Estate Evaluations

We can handle your real estate marketing photos/videos for homes, land, commercial, etc.

Construction Progress Volumes

Document your build on a bi-weekly or monthly timeline to keep all project managers and contractors on time.

Site Monitoring

We know how important it is to track where you are with the project. That’s why we made it easy by drone monitoring every detail of your needs.


Inspections are necessary, and we are here to make that happen. Our drones will make sure everything is up to par.

Site Surveying

We stand out from other drone companies because we have two licensed professional surveyors on board. We can ensure that our 3D imaging and elevation accuracy will be meticulous.

The drone industry will only become more relevant as time goes on. Technology, as we know, is advancing faster than we expect; furthermore, Northsky will stay ahead of the game. The drones we use are not like the neighbor kids’ drones bought from the store. We have high-end commercial-grade drones that are registered through FFA.



 In 1979, Northstar Surveying was created to service Oregon in the surveying industry. It has Provided quality professional land surveying services for both private and public clients.

As the land surveying technology keeps furthering in our world. We as a team meet, in 2016 decided to take the next step and use drones for topography maps. We had no idea this industry was going to boom this fast and become in such high demand.

To add on, our drone department team is branching out Northsky Drone Service. This is an exciting time for us at Northstar Surveying. We are dedicated to moving forward with technology in the civil world.   



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Aerial Surveying 

Real Estate Photography

Construction Progress Volumes

Site Monitoring   


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